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Harley Motorcycle Cruise Control Solutions
add Genuine  Harley Davidson  ELECTRONIC  Harley motorcycle cruise control  to  your  Softail    
Cruisemount ceased operations July 10, 2014, but Netgoods LLC has  similar products, similar service and expert knowledge  find them here ->
All Softail kits were sold out, but wait.... -------------->

Cruisemount has closed but Netgood LLC, located at

has Road King, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Police bike solutions
(there are no more covers and no plans to have any made)
out of mounting brackets for 2007 and newer
call (620) 794 9646 if you want a kit without the cover for 2006 or older
cover is about 3" x 3.5" x 8"
    If you can fabricate your own cover then you can still have cruise.
Some replacement parts Softail kits are still available.  

motorcycle cruise control Cruisemount is American made
Use of this product will increase your riding pleasure!
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